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Compostable materials biodegrade using naturally occurring micro-organisms in a specified time period. They can be safely composted together with organic solid waste  (e.g. garden waste). They do not affect the quality of the final compost.


All truly compostable materials conform to EN13432 / ASTM D6400


It is also possible for product to be certified as ‘home compostable’.


Please see below some examples of compostable products supplied & developed by Solutions 4 Plastic:

Compostable Bubble Wrap

Compostable Products

Compostable Carrier Bags

Our renewable resource based carrier bags are tough enough to be reused over and over again. We can also customise the bags with your own branding and marketing messages. Contact us for more information.

Compostable Films

Made from a blend of biopolymers to specified dimensional and performance requirements. Fully compostable to EN13432 standard and food contact approved. Contact us for more information.

Wrapping Films


Compostable Bubble Wrap

Padded Envelopes

Air Pillows

Fruit & Veg Netting

Thermoformed Rigid Trays



Transparent film for fruit,  flower and fresh produce. Mechanical properties similar to those of PP. Printable to own design. Compostable to EN13432 & food contact approved.  Contact us for more information.

A high gloss and clarity bioplastic film designed to have good delta T for VFFS (Vertical Form and Fill Sealing) packing plus flow wrap packing. Suitable for use with constant heat or impulse sealing.  

Please visit the EVAP website: www.evap.co.uk

Providing the same protective properties as traditional bubble wrap this is produced using  renewable resource bioplastic materials and is ideal for disposal using industrial composting facilities.

Made using compostable bioplastic bubble wrap, with an FSC chain of custody paper outer. Light but even more durable than most padded envelopes, all the base materials are certified compostable to the EN 13432.

With a compression strength comparable to the strength of conventional air cushions or bubble wrap made from PE.

Can be processed on standard conversion equipment.

Fruit and Vegetable Netting - used for fresh food & vegetable packaging this material has good elongation at break, high stretch elasticity as well as good welding properties.

Thermoformed Rigid Trays - for fresh food or produce packaging, these products can be converted on traditional forming equipment but have the advantage of a high renewable resource content.