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SHOP NOW Water soluble PVOH bags
  • Pigments and dyes

  • Concrete additives

  • Agrochemicals

  • Horticultural products

  • Biocides

  • Hazardous or toxic products

  • Detergents  

  • Angling products

Bags can be custom made to your requirements within the following parameters:


Sizes :            

Width 50 - 600mm

Length 50 - 800mm

Thickness 20 - 80 micron


Colour : Natural / transparent but red, blue & green can be made as a special


Plain or embossed


With or without cold water soluble tie


Solubility : can be made to dissolve in cold, warm or hot water or in combinations of these.

For example hot water soluble on outside of bag / cold water soluble on inside of bag


Minimum order quantity : 500 bags


Price & delivery on application.


All our soluble bags are backed up with excellent technical support and stock holding within the UK


Please contact us for more details ...


Water Soluble PVOH Bags

Our range of water soluble bags and sachets are used in a wide range of applications and industries including: