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Our water soluble film can be supplied in reels slit to your required width and thickness on standard cores.

Also available in embossed or non-embossed format and transparent or coloured.


All our water soluble film is backed up with excellent technical support and stock holding within the UK.


Please contact us for more details

water soluble rim block

Water Soluble PVOH Film

Our range of water soluble PVOH films are:

  • Available in a range of cold water, warm water or hot water soluble grades. Our water soluble films are produced from blends of PVOH (Polyvinyl Alcohol).

  • Completely soluble in water, non-toxic and biodegradable with good barrier properties to odour, aromas, bacteria, gases and grease.

  • Heat sealable and printable using both solvent based and water soluble inks without treatment.

  • Anti-static and resistant to ultraviolet light

  • Allow exact dosing and eliminates container disposal issues

  • Protect the skin against direct contact with aggressive detergents or chemicals

Suitable for many applications including:

  • Contract packing, especially the unit dose packaging of :

  • detergents

  • agrochemicals

  • disinfectants

  • dyes

  • cement additives

  • biocides

  • Toilet block / rim block wrapping

  • Adhesive packaging

  • Bag/Drum Liners

  • Embroidery stabilizers

  • Descaler packaging